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Using Inbound Marketing to Increase Membership

Between the eBooks, case studies, and blog posts, you could fill a virtual warehouse of all the great content your association has generated to increase membership and drive member engagement. But how do you manage all these people who are reading your material? And what do you do with the data coming in? Read More

5 Simple Hacks for Remembering Names So You Can Rock Member Engagement

Picture this: you're at a conference and you find yourself talking to someone and at the end of the conversation, you forget their name. Or worse, you forget that person's name 5 seconds after introductions take place. Often times, when we find ourselves in this situation (which we all have!), our minds go into panic thinking, "Oh crap! What's his/her name again?" It isn't just about holding great conventions or getting the latest membership software features, or even rocking your social media game. Sometimes, the simplest yet most powerful way to boost member engagement is just by making it a point to remember (and use) the names of your members when you see them. Read More

5 Snappy Post-Conference Steps to Jazz Up Member Engagement

You just held the most amazing conference! Members are excited, your team is psyched up, and your guest speakers got so much attention for their books and causes that they've already agreed to come back next year. So, what's next? Well, you can move all your conference materials and notes aside and enjoy a couple of days' hard-earned rest, knowing full well that as soon as you get back to work you'll get so involved in answering emails and attending meetings that you'll lose all your post-conference momentum. Or, you could come straight back to the office and use that steam to supercharge your member engagement like never before. Here's how… Read More

5 Proven Tips for Dynamic Member Engagement

The key to a long-lasting, successful, powerful association boils down to one simple element: member engagement. Either your members are engaged (and therefore keep renewing their memberships and supporting your events and causes), or they aren't. What are some tried and true tips and tricks for improving member engagement and solidifying the success of your association? Read More

7 Questions to Ask Every Event Attendee to Increase Member Engagement

Events help increase member engagement and are an excellent way to expose prospective new members to your organization, what it stands for, and what it has to offer in terms of perks and benefits. Asking attendees to take a quick, easy survey following the event is a great way to build on your successes (and, ahem, eliminate any mistakes you might be making). Here are the questions you should always ask, followed by some definite ones to avoid. Read More

5 Snazzy Ways to Improve Life in Your Association (Including the Best Use of Membership Software!)

What makes your association so great? Is it your member benefits? Your programs and initiatives? Maybe your special causes? Probably, your absolute best asset is none of those things. It's your people. Employees are what make the difference in happy members or those who fail to renew their memberships. Employees are what make your events special, cause your membership software to sing its tune, and keep your mission on track. What kind of work environment have you created for these irreplaceable assets? Jazz up your association by making it a workplace your employees love coming to every day. Read More

How to Successfully Lead a Virtual Team

I've talked about my experience leveraging the expertise of a virtual team for research and data validation, but I am also part of a large virtual team. Being the only Australian in a U.S.-based marketing team has had it's challenges, but so many more rewards, so how do you get a virtual team right? Read More

End the Spreadsheet Retro Look with Membership Software

Good ol' Microsoft Excel first came out way back in 1985. Since then, we've seen the rise and fall of many technologies, including the VCR, the Walkman, and the flip phone (which are, admittedly, all sitting in a dusty box in my basement). Yet Excel keeps chugging along. That's largely because it's been a great piece of software, and also because, until very recently, there weren't many good alternatives so we were all stuck in that retro phase. But as membership software becomes more sophisticated and feature-packed, it just doesn't make sense to live in the past with Excel anymore. Here's why… Read More

AMP Review: Knowwho Legislative Integration

Welcome to the second blog of the Aptify Marketplace (AMP) Review series. You can read my first review of the Email Verification using Kickbox extension here.  Read More

5 Ways to Turn Your Events Into Brilliant Member Retention Strategies

We live in a world where we are constantly being pinged, messaged, and called any number of times throughout our day. Your members are inundated with other obligations, responsibilities, expenses, and distractions. Depending on what type of association you run, your membership dues could be competing with things like gym memberships, monthly subscription boxes, wine clubs, and business and professional insurance premiums.That means that when you host an event, it has to play an integral role in your overall member retention strategy. Read More

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