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Aptify User Community Blog

Community Brands & Aptify: What It Means for You

The news that Aptify, along with Abila and YourMembership, was acquired by Community Brands stirred up the industry last week and left us all feeling a mixture of excitement and anticipation. This is a new adventure for our organization and for you, our clients. And while we believe it’s something to celebrate, we also understand the uncertainty that this change brings. You have questions about the future and we’re here to answer them. Read More

The Aptify Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions

The new Aptify Mobile App has been a really exciting addition to the Aptify software family and I have been thrilled about the great response it has received from the user community. But, like anything new (and cool), it’s not without its questions. I’ve collecting all of the frequently asked questions that the Product Team are getting weekly. So, let’s jump into your most frequently asked questions about the latest app from Aptify. Read More

Use Facebook Live to Increase Member Engagement

Live-streaming is a fun way to feel as if you are part of the action, and it’s an excellent way to connect with companies, products, and people you like. Organizations and even just everyday people are finding creative, and often times entertaining ways to use it (remember Chewbacca mom)?! If you check your Facebook newsfeed now, then I’m sure at least half of your feed would be some type of video clip or Facebook Live. Read More

Association Cybersecurity Lessons From a Baseball Hacking Scandal

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in because cybersecurity hacks can happen to anyone. And depending on the industry and magnitude of the hack, you will probably find it trending all over social media and most of the news stations will be covering it (or at the minimum, it will appear on their headline ticker). For all the baseball fans out there, you’ve probably heard about the Cardinals and Astros hacking scandal. Read More

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to the Aptify Outlook Add-In

Take back the time in your calendar with the new Aptify Outlook Add-In. Combining both email and contact log functionality just makes sense, and our new Outlook Add-In gives you the power to push a sent email to become a Person or Company Contact Log in one click. You can also use our new Add-In to search and open records straight from Outlook, meaning no lost time between tasks. Read More

3 Sweet Ways to Drive Membership Growth Using Inbound Marketing

As a self-proclaimed dessert fiend, you might assume that I enjoy baking sweet treats as much as I enjoy eating them. The truth is, though, I’m not really a fan of baking—mainly because I don’t like the precision that’s needed for it. For those avid bakers out there, you know making a cake, pie, or something equally tasty that you see on Pinterest requires following the instructions to a T. And if you choose to substitute or skip ingredients (which is something I typically do), then there’s a strong chance it won’t turn out the way you expect. Read More

AUC 2017 Registration Now Open!

We know you’ve been patiently waiting, and today’s the day! Registration for the Aptify Users Conference has officially opened! Our AUC 2017 site is up and running, so check it out and mark your calendars for October 15 – October 18 (if you haven’t already)—this year’s conference is guaranteed to be even bigger and better. Read More

Your Guide to the New Aptify Product Launch

This week we have all joined together to celebrate and enjoy what’s new with Aptify. Here is the round up of our latest product launch and everything you need to know about Aptify 5.5.5. Read More

3 Steps to Start Inbound Marketing at Your Association

Fads and trends come and go, but only a few tend to leave their mark in ways that have us talking about them long after they fade away. There are some like the PokeMon Go phenomena and the Manikin Challenge that stick around longer than they probably should. Then there are the ones, which are typically recycled, so you’ll see them reappear time and time again (Like choker necklaces! I remember rocking those in elementary school, and I just bought some recently). Read More

What's New With Aptify eBusiness?

Your website is the most popular way your members interact with your association. More than ever your members expect a high level of performance, technology, and speed, and the newest version of Aptify eBusiness delivers. Read More

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