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The Aptify Blog

The Aptify Blog is an honest and informative collection of articles to help association executives solve their most pressing issues.

5 security tips for your nonprofit accepting online payments.

Aptify 6.0 Release: Get Ready to Work Even Smarter

50 Ways to Boost Association Membership

Find Out 50 Ways to Boost Association Membership

Learn new tips for acquiring and retaining members for your association when you subscribe to our blog.

GDPR: How Will the New Regulation Impact Your Association?

Xperience 2018: What to expect.

5 Features the Best Membership Management Software Should Have

Preparing Your Association for GDPR Compliance

How Onboarding Is Key to Future Member Engagement

Why Every New AMS Software Project Needs a Change Management Team

How Much Does an Association Management System Really Cost?

How Your Association Marketing Plan Benefits from an AMS Upgrade

5 Strategies for Building a Business Case for New Membership Software

3 Steps Toward IT Transformation in Trade Associations

3 Keys to Successfully Pairing Membership Software & Accounting Automation

Making a Case for Monthly Membership Auto-Renewal

Improve IT Outcomes and Communication with Simplified Project Management

10 Ways to Drive Member Engagement and #LeverageChapters

The Best Metrics to Prove Your Case for New Member Management Software

5 Solutions to Streamline Online Event Registration

Getting Your Non-Technical Team On Board with Techy Terms

10 Ways to Use AMS Software Data to Increase Member Engagement

[Infographic] Member Loyalty Study Reveals Keys to Member Retention

7 Secrets on Increasing Member Retention from the Member Loyalty Study

5 AMS Data Points You Didn't Realize Your Members Are Generating

Snap Out of the Dog Days by Evaluating Your AMS Software…and More

CRO Is Key to Improving Your Association Marketing

Finding the Right Head Space to Get Buy-In for New AMS Software

Start Your AMS Search with the Membership Software Buyer's Guide

Aptify Users Conference Australia 2017 Roundup

6 Reasons Not to Get New Membership Software (and How to Combat Them)

5 Ways Your Lackluster Meetings Are Hurting Member Engagement

Girls To The Front: 3 Best Sessions to See at AFNC Presented by Women

Cheers to the 2017 Summer Class of CAEs

How Membership Software Can Change Your Job…and Your Work

5 Signs You Need to Reevaluate Your Membership Management Software

10 Questions On Your Mind When Switching AMS Software

7 Membership Software Questions that Are Basically Impossible to Answer (But We Did)

How to Make a Convincing Business Case for New Membership Software

A Visual Guide to Choosing Membership Software That Lasts [Infographic]

5 Bad Membership Management Software Habits You Need to Break

How to Create an Agile Membership Team to Better Use AMS Software

How to Manage the Culture Change of New Membership Software

AMSFest Highlights: Setting Expectations to Make a Savvy Membership Software Selection

5 Ways to Increase Member Engagement By Improving Your Sign-Up Process

4 Healthy Tips to a Database Management Software Makeover

The Most Common Issues with AMS Systems (and How You Can Fix Them!)

The IT Checklist for Evaluating Database Management Software

How Aptify Stormed the CASL: Association Marketing in the Age of Email Compliance

AUC2017 Keynote: Arnie Malham

6 Stress-Inducing Thoughts You Have When Switching Membership Software

7 Ways Your Processes Can Help (or Hurt) Your Membership Software Move

6 Ways to Make Your Website Your Association's Greatest Marketing Tool

How to Be Sticky: A Guide to Lasting Member Engagement

ACESYD17 Day 2 Round-Up: Don't Just Strive for Excellence

ACESYD17 Day 1 Round-Up: Using Failure to Drive Success

6 Prompts to Properly Propose New Membership Software to Your Board

Girls to the Front: 3 Best Sessions at ACESYD17 Presented by Women

5 Invaluable Ways to Drive Member Engagement at Your Organization

Getting Started with Membership Software: An Ultimate Guide Sneak Peek

Moving Membership Software Systems? Watch Out for These 4 Hurdles

5 Ways the Membership Software Search Is Exactly Like Dating

Combating Phishing Attacks to Protect Association Cybersecurity

5 Horrific Ways to Royally Mess Up a Membership Software Implementation

5 Elements of the Ideal Membership Software Upgrade

Top 10 Questions When Implementing Membership Software

Community Brands and Aptify: Your Questions Answered

How Writing a Manifesto Can Spark Your Association Marketing Results

5 Utterly Easy Ideas to Boost Member Engagement Today

2 Rules of Thumb When Defining Membership Software Requirements

Figuring the Cost of Change into New Membership Software

Using Video to Promote Your Organization and Boost Member Engagement

8 Ways to Improve the Association Membership Sign-Up Process

Three Facebook Live Rules to Captivate Your Association Membership

3 Reasons Your Association Staff Are Leaving (And How to Keep Them)

5 Overlooked Tactics for Growing Association Membership

7 Strategies to Boost the Volume on Social and Blast Member Engagement

10 Ways To Boost Your Association Membership in 2017

Aptify Launches Premium Shopping Cart Features in Latest AMS Release

9 Nifty Ways to Magnify Member Engagement This Year

What Baseball Hacking Can Teach Us about Association Cybersecurity

Are Evergreen Certified Companies Built to Last?

Increase Member Recruitment with Inbound Marketing Lead Generation

Building the Best Team for Your Membership Software Implementation

7 Movie Quotes To Help You Find the Best Membership Software

How to Manage Password Security for Associations

3 Steps to Getting Started with Inbound Marketing for Associations

What Being an Evergreen Company Means to Association Management

The 2 Types of People that Impact Member Engagement

The Future of Association Management - and How Aptify Will Adapt

4 Costs To Expect When Implementing New Membership Software

5 Segmentation Trends to Explore to Increase Member Engagement

Creating a Killer Shopping List for New Membership Software

Tips for Selecting Your Perfect Password Manager

Examine Your Data to Drive Member Engagement

14 Volunteering Tips to Boost Member Engagement This Year

Basic Password Complexity Requirements for Associations

Membership Software Pricing: Perpetual License vs. SaaS

5 Tips Guaranteed To Give You a Smooth Membership Software Implementation

3 Phases That Help People Shift Toward Association Change Management

4 Signs It's Time to "Break Up" With Your Membership Software

4 Practical Steps for Mastering Association Change Management

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Switching to New Membership Software

How Aptify Ranks in the Lehman Report AMS Software Market Study

3 Association Cybersecurity Questions for 2017

Why Fear Isn't an Option in Association Change Management

Year in Review: Our Top 5 Association Management Posts of 2016

Make Communication Key in 2017 for your AMS Software Implementation

How Analyzing Member Data is the Secret For Stronger Member Engagement

10 Ingredients for a Successful Member Software Vendor Relationship

5 Ways to End Sleepless Nights during an AMS Implementation

The Intersection of Marketing and Technology: Tech Takeaways for the Association Marketing Staff

Association Management Resolutions for 2017

How to Use Change Management Principles when Moving to Automation

Where Is Association Management Software Heading?

Tis the Season to Make the Most of the ASAE Technology Conference

Association Cybersecurity: No More Easy Targets

7 Must-See Sessions at ASAE Tech

AMS Selection: Defining the Difference between ROI and TCO

Top Membership Software Features in 2017

Is Big Data Trumped? Lessons Learned for Marketing to Real People

Top Association Management Predictions for 2017

4 Lessons on Making the Big Move to New Membership Software

How to Build a Business Case for New Membership Software

3 Ways to Use Membership Software to Show Gratitude

Being Bold (and Fun) with Password Complexity

6 Insights From INBOUND 2016 To Help With Your Association Marketing

5 Ways Technology Is Impacting Member Engagement Like Never Before

Building a Case for AMS Software

Expert Interview Series: Vanessa Chase Lockshin of The Storytelling Non-Profit on Member Engagement & Donations

Six Ways To Identify Trends Affecting Member Engagement

Your Online Community: The Best Member Engagement Party of the Year

4 Mistakes to Avoid during an AMS Software Implementation

Database Management: How to Use Your Big Data to Inform Big Decisions

[Poll] What's Your Association's Biggest Priority for 2017?

Expert Interview Series: Vivian Swertinski From Informz

How to Cleanse a Toxic Workplace (& How Membership Software Can Help)

Selecting Membership Software for the Long-Term

6 Simple Ways to Jolt Your Marketing Efforts with Membership Software

4 Secret Tips for Determining the Best Time to Buy Membership Software

4 Ways to Optimize Your Association Videos for Kick-Butt Member Engagement

4 Change Management Tips for a Happily-Ever-After AMS Implementation

How Charming Your Online Community Lurkers Pays Off

4 AUC Keynotes Will Livestream Free

3 Responses That Will Prove To Your Boss Why You Need An Event App

5 Takeaways From the 2016 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report

Five Reasons Why You Need Marketing Automation

Demystifying Membership Software Data Conversion

Using Inbound Marketing to Increase Membership

5 Snappy Post-Conference Steps to Jazz Up Member Engagement

5 Proven Tips for Dynamic Member Engagement

5 Snazzy Ways to Improve Life in Your Association (Including the Best Use of Membership Software!)

How to Successfully Lead a Virtual Team

AMP Review: Knowwho Legislative Integration

5 Ways to Turn Your Events Into Brilliant Member Retention Strategies

Meet Your AUC2016 Keynotes: Toni Mark

5 Member Engagement Hacks to Boost Retention in Just Minutes

Association Hiring in the On Demand Economy

AUCA2016 Video: Aptify Product Roadmap

Expert Interview Series: Frank Klassen of Brightfind on Building Better Sites for Association Management

What a Colbert Selfie Teaches about Measuring Member Engagement

Meet Your AUC2016 Keynotes: John Mancini

5 Missions to Explore in the Quest to Increase Membership

Meet Your AUC2016 Keynotes: John Spence

5 Celebrations to Increase Member Engagement

Benefits of Hosting Your Member Data in the Cloud

AUCA2016 Video Highlights: Increasing Member Engagement with Aptify

Meet Your AUC2016 Keynotes: Jamie Notter

Your A-Z Guide for Events That Actually Increase Member Engagement

AUCA Video Highlights: Inbound Marketing

What Your Cat Can Teach You about Effective Training

5 Ways You're Hurting Member Engagement with Social Media Blunders

How to Use Membership Software for Your Charitable Causes

The Business of Support: Taking Membership Software to the Next Level

3 Reasons to Overcome the Fear of an AMS Upgrade

3 Ways to Cut the Cost of New AMS Software

How to Build a Community Part Two: Content Strategy

5 Tips for Implementing AMS Software in Your Healthcare Association

Social Media for Member Engagement: 3 Questions You Need to Ask

Aptify Users Conference Australia Roundup

Gear Your AMS Software Strategies to the Rule, Not the Exception

5 Things You Didn't Realize New AMS Software Could Do

Associations Forum 2016 Roundup

How to Create Value Using Membership Software

6 Tips for Supercharging Your Association Events with AMS Software

Associations Forum 2016 - Learning Labs | Association Scary Words

Associations Forum 2016 - Learning Labs | Innovative Processes

How to Buy AMS Software: Lessons Learned from a New Home Owner

Here's to Being More Hopeful For the Future

The Benefits of AMS Software in the Age of Mobilegeddon

MMCC 2016 Roundup

3 Ways to Use Data in Your AMS Software to Create Tailored Content

4 Finds to Boost Staff Satisfaction and Manage Change

AMP Review: Email Verification using Kickbox

Leverage the (Big) Data You Have to Grow & Delight Your Members

How to Build a Community Part One: Find Your Tribe

How to Increase Member Engagement Through Advanced Training

How to Apply Change Management Principles to Your Member Engagement Strategy

How to Define & Track Member Engagement with Your AMS

ACEACT16 Roundup

Why Increasing Member Engagement at Conferences Is All in a Name

4 Ways to Use Your Evangelists to Increase Member Engagement

AUC2016 Innovation Competition: Show Us What You’ve Got

5 Secrets to Successfully Staffing on Demand When You Need Help

Expert Interview Series: Wes Trochlil from Effective Database Management

Aptify Users Conference Registration Is Now Open!

4 Not-To-Be-Missed ACEACT16 Sessions

3 Steps to Take Before Beginning Your AMS Software Implementation

Expert Interview Series: Teri Carden of ReviewMyAMS on Shopping for AMS Solutions

4 Secrets for a Smooth-Sailing AMS Implementation

What Will Association Big Data Be Like in 20 Years?

The 9-Step Plan to Hone Your Focus and Increase Member Engagement

Increasing Membership through the Online Store

Choosing Who Should be in Charge of Your AMS  Implementation

6 Tips to Help Increase Your Member Engagement This Year

The Psychology Behind Change Management & Association Software

Select the Right AMS Software to Increase Member Engagement

6 Sneak Peeks into AUC2016

Avoiding the Biggest Problem With Implementing AMS Software

Association Management Tips: What To Do When Potential Members Opt Out

Managing Change Is an Ongoing Process

4 Best Practices to Increase Member Engagement

Top Tricks to Conquer the ACE2016 Conference

Driving Sales Through Membership Upselling

6 Strategies for Boosting Member Engagement

5 Secret Weapons to Improve Your Approach to Changing Your AMS

How To Enhance Your Newsletter Processes & Increase Member Engagement using an AMS

Are You Living the Culture You’re Promoting? Ya Think?

Association Management: Selecting an AMS Is Only the Beginning

5 Takeaways from #CEOChair16

The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Aptify Connect

How to Involve Your Team in the 5 Phases of an AMS Implementation

5 Ways to Tell Your Association’s Story Like a Best-Selling Author

5 Reasons Why We Love the Aptify Marketplace AMP (and You Should Too)

Does Innovation Require Courage?

5 Ways to Get Involved in the Aptify Users Community Today

Spray and Pray Is Not A Marketing Strategy

How to Create a Kick-Ass Inbound Marketing Team

9 Horrible Mistakes You're Making with Your Association Marketing

Quick Tips for Assembling Your Goals and Plans for 2016

Client Spotlight: How the American Rental Association Gets Email (and Email Verification) Right

Sponsored Post: The Hidden Value of AMS – LMS Integration

16 Cool Ways to Move the Mountain of Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Does Your Email Marketing Strategy Meet the [Bench]mark?

Client Spotlight: National Pest Management Association's AMS Selection Process Meets the Mark

Why the RFP is [Still] Beneficial to the AMS Selection Process

PCI Compliance Got You Sweating and It's Not the August Heat?

Client Spotlight Series: Aptify Welcomes Air Line Pilots Association, International

Increase the Size of Your Association through Innovative Thinking

3 Summer Steps to Keeping Your Association Marketing Strategy Fresh