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By: Angie Karpouzis

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August 28, 2016

AUCA2016 Video: Aptify Product Roadmap

Aptify Users Conference | AUC

In the wrap-up of AUCA2016 on July 6, 2016, we revisit highlights from the annual event.

The 2nd annual conference included Mark Patterson's (Aptify COO) session on the Aptify Product Roadmap. Mark's presentation highlighted the 2016-2017 product strategy focusing on improving end user experience, doing more with mobile and enhancing member engagement.AUC video highlights

Mark also discussed Aptify's mobile strategy including purpose built mobile apps and the newest version of E-Business called Apollo.



  • 0:12 Moving Forward: Adopting Web and Mobile
  • 2:01 Rapid Release, Rapid Improvement
  • 2:54 E-Business Architecture Upgrades
  • 3:29 Business Intellegence
  • 4:30 Decision Making Platform

We have other video highlights from the AUCA, and we'll be posting preview glimpses of the upcoming Aptify Users Conference being held in Miami this October. To learn how you can attend AUC2016 in person, along with hundreds of others Aptify users and partners, visit the AUC website:


About Angie Karpouzis

Angie Karpouzis was the Product Marketing Manager located in Aptify Australia's Sydney office. When Angie is not busy making people uncomfortable by tearing apart their favourite artist/film/tv show she is indulging in Sydney's live music scene or nerding out over popular culture. Engage with Angie on Twitter to discuss member engagement, how to build a community or email marketing.

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