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By: Angie Karpouzis

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August 14, 2016

AUCA2016 Video Highlights: Increasing Member Engagement with Aptify

Aptify Users Conference | AUC

In the wrap-up of AUCA2016 on July 6, 2016, we revisit highlights from the annual event.

Member organisations are increasingly enhancing member experiences with digital self-service, online learning, and online communities to increase member engagement. WebSilk use lean and human-centred product management, design, and development techniques to create compelling digital experiences. WebSilk shared their experience applying these approaches in extending Aptify AMS to AFAC (Australasian Fire and Emergency Service and Authorities Council) and RACP (Royal Australasian College of Physicians) members at the Australian Aptify Users Conference in July 2016.AUCA2016



  • 0:05 Delivering Kick-Ass Member Experiences using Aptify
  • 0:52 Agile Product Management and Minimum Viable Products
  • 1:14 Using Technology to Deliver the Greatest Amount of Value
  • 1:43 Moving Towards New Web Achitecture
  • 2:47 Websites Future Proofed

We have a few more video highlights of our Australian conference to share, and we'll post those weekly while we gear up for the Aptify Users Conference being held in Miami this October. To learn how you can attend AUC2016 in person, along with hundreds of others Aptify users and partners, visit the AUC website:


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Angie Karpouzis was the Product Marketing Manager located in Aptify Australia's Sydney office. When Angie is not busy making people uncomfortable by tearing apart their favourite artist/film/tv show she is indulging in Sydney's live music scene or nerding out over popular culture. Engage with Angie on Twitter to discuss member engagement, how to build a community or email marketing.

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