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Andrew Crane, CMA

This is a guest blog post courtesy of Future Value Consulting, who is a sponsor of the 2017 Aptify Users Conference. Future Value Consulting delivers high quality, timely, and innovative Aptify solutions that organizations need to exceed member expectations.

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3 Keys to Successfully Pairing Membership Software & Accounting Automation

By: Andrew Crane, CMA
October 11, 2017

At this year’s Aptify Users Conference, I’m excited to be co-presenting with Debbie Hanger of ASAE on a topic that is a bit of an obsession of mine—accounting automation (hey, we all have our quirks). During this session, we will provide real-world examples of how process automation can enable collaboration, reduce delays, and result in higher quality financial data. It will be a challenge to limit our session to just an hour, as Aptify’s robust development platform offers unlimited opportunities to create powerful data processing workflows. 

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