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By: Jennifer Barrell

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November 14, 2016

Building a Case for AMS Software

AMS Selection

Trying to convince management or the board to allocate funding for a major software solution is no picnic. As long as your old, outdated systems are working, it's difficult for them to be able to justify the need for something new.

Building a case for AMS softwareBuilding a case for AMS software (or new software, if you have an older product) is a matter of conveying your pain points and proving an exceptional ROI for the expense. Once they understand how the membership software will improve operations (including the association's bottom line) after implementing the software, it will be a much easier sell. Here's what to highlight…

Download the AMS Pricing Toolkit to find out how much an AMS costs and tips to gaining board approval.

AMS Software Reduces Overhead Costs

Buidling a case for AMS software

Before implementing a new AMS, you're either doing your association's work by hand or you're using multiple tools to try to create a cohesive, comprehensive system. This includes processes like managing membership renewals, processing new member applications, keeping up with your website (and the associated metrics), and organizing and executing your association's events.

Manual processes are time-consuming and tend to be error prone. While there are some pretty good tools out there for integrating multiple back-end software solutions (like CMS, CRM, etc.), none come close to the productivity and accuracy of a single, consolidated system. AMS software is designed, from the ground up, to be a single, comprehensive solution for your association. So it's not surprising that these tools make the entire organization function more productively, efficiently, and with a greater return in terms of investment.

It Improves Your Awareness of the Association's Health

Disparate systems and manual processes (like spreadsheets) are typically disjointed in terms of delivering the data relative to the health of your association. With comprehensive membership software, all data tracking is automated, aggregating the entire scope of information and returning directly to you with or for analysis.

All of the data from disparate sources like your online member community and your physical events are in the same system. You can run reports based on a holistic view of your association. Automation saves time, improves accuracy, and most likely gives your association more avenues for improving member engagement.


It Empowers You for the Future

Building a case for AMS software

Older AMS software probably lacks current technologies, such as mobile accessibility, social media integration, and comprehensive data analytics capabilities. Who knows what the future holds? You might want to add new levels of memberships or types of membership packages. A newer solution is more flexible, allowing your association to take advantage of new technologies as they become available. This can be a strong selling point to present to your management in the digital age.

Before approaching the C-suite, arm yourself with as much information as possible. Learn more about what it takes to score a new membership software solution when you download the AMS Pricing Toolkit, including how much you can expect to spend on a new system and the best way to gain board approval for a new system.

Pricing Toolkit for Membership Software

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