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AUC2017 Agenda: Finance and Strategy Track

July 06, 2017   |   Chandra Chakravarthi   |   AUC

It’s hard to believe July is already here, and you know what that means? AUC2017 prices will be going up next week, so July 14 will be the last day to save $100.


Just think of all the cool things you can do with that money!

If you and your team still haven’t bought your tickets to AUC, now would be a good time do it while it’s fresh on your mind.

Register for AUC2017

But if that’s not enough of a reason to register now, then maybe this will convince you.

I wanted to share with you our final education track – Finance and Strategy.

If you thought AUC is strictly just for membership/marketing and IT professionals, then think again! Like I’ve said before, everyone at your organization can get something out of AUC – aside from the delicious snacks and cool swag.

Our Finance and Strategy Track is great for those C-suite executives who like to think big picture, and/or spend much of their time focused on data. We have some sessions we know you’ll like.

Here's a peek of what's to come in Vegas…


  • Why should my association attack its own network?
    This cybersecurity session will discuss threat assessments and penetration testing. Josh Hiller will talk about the differences between the two different types of cybersecurity audits, what information these reports should contain (including PCI requirements), the individual benefits of each, how often they should be performed, and their importance to the organization as a whole. 

  • All Things Considered: Payments
    This panel will take a look at case studies of interesting payment processing scenarios including what the clients liked about them, disliked, what the challenges were, and what benefits came out of them.

Like I said – it’s just a peek!

There’s so much more waiting for you, and you can learn more on our AUC site. Be sure to check out the agenda with more details on our speakers and topics.

So go ahead and get yourself another cup of coffee or tea, and take a few minutes to register for AUC2017. Remember, the early bird prices end on July 14.

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