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Aptify User Community Blog

AUC 2017 Registration Now Open!

We know you’ve been patiently waiting, and today’s the day! Registration for the Aptify Users Conference has officially opened! Our AUC 2017 site is up and running, so check it out and mark your calendars for October 15 – October 18 (if you haven’t already)—this year’s conference is guaranteed to be even bigger and better. Read More

3 Steps to Start Inbound Marketing at Your Association

Fads and trends come and go, but only a few tend to leave their mark in ways that have us talking about them long after they fade away. There are some like the PokeMon Go phenomena and the Manikin Challenge that stick around longer than they probably should. Then there are the ones, which are typically recycled, so you’ll see them reappear time and time again (Like choker necklaces! I remember rocking those in elementary school, and I just bought some recently). Read More

Are Evergreen Companies Really Built to Last?

Evergreen Certified Companies are interesting to me because I didn't realize that a term had been coined for this concept until I started at Aptify. As I continued to learn more about it and the 7 tenets that comprise it, it got me thinking about my favorite brands and if they embody any of the Evergreen-like characteristics. Sure, they might not be Evergreen Certified companies nor do they necessarily possess all the qualities, but it occurred to me that many of the products I buy on a frequent basis do practice some if not all of these tenets.   Read More

3 Hacks for Stronger Member Engagement

The success and longevity of your association ultimately comes to down to your members. If they are actively engaged, then you can expect your association to thrive. However, if you're noticing the exact opposite taking place at your organization, then it's better to identify the issue(s) and find a solution before it gets any worse.  Read More

It's That Time! Call for AUC 2017 Abstracts!

Depending on where you are in the country, you're probably wishing for balmy weather and the beach—hopefully AUC 2016 is coming to mind! As I type this, I just looked at the weather app on my phone, and it's 14 degrees, but feels like 1 degree, so needless to say—I'm ready for spring! Although AUC 2016 was just 4 months ago and it's still fresh on your minds, we are already already gearing up for AUC 2017! And if you haven't already heard, we are heading to Las Vegas (yes, we chose another warm location)! Mark your calendars because we'll be there from October 15 - October 18! Read More

How to Select a Password Manager For Associations

When was the last time you willingly changed your password? Has it been a few weeks, months, or even years? If you're like the majority of people, when the time comes to change your password, it probably evokes the same feelings you might have when you have to visit the doctor or dentist. You avoid it until it's absolutely necessary to take action.  Read More

How To Use Volunteering to Boost Member Engagement

Volunteers are an integral part of your association, and they play a big role in how you track engagement among your members. And just as with your membership software, if it weren't for your volunteers, then it would be quite difficult for your association staff to accomplish all of the great things that they envision.  Read More

Tips to Step Up Your Association Cybersecurity Game

We’re living in an exciting time as far as technology goes, and it never ceases me to amaze me how integrated it is in almost every aspect of our lives. For example, can you count how many purchases you made on your phone yesterday? Or how many times you checked and sent email on it? Or even the number of times you entered your username and password information to access different apps/platforms?  Read More

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