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Aptify User Community Blog

Three Reasons You Should Log Into Aptify Connect Right Now

When it comes to the Aptify User Community and using Aptify Connect, our focus is you. So I'm sure you're wondering: what's in it for me to join the online community? Find out my top three reasons you should join Aptify Connect. Read More

Aptify 2016 in Review: David Letterman-style

Aptify 2016 in Review: David Letterman-style Every Thursday in our Global Huddle, I read off the Aptify team's 'Wins and Great Things' for the week. So, in December, we asked everyone to crowdsource wins for the entire year of 2016. Then I presented it to the team, David Letterman-top-ten-style.  Read More

2016's Best Aptify User Community Blogs

What a year 2016 has been! I am particularly proud our new Aptify User Community Blog. The blog started as an idea earlier this year and then moved to its own platform in September of 2016. The blog, in combination with Aptify Connect, has given us all the opportunity to discuss, celebrate and share the achievement of our community, and I am very proud of how far we have come.  So now, I can look back and give you the best of the best of this year's blogs. Here's my top three of 2016, may 2017 be as golden. Read More

Everything You Need to know about the Aptify Mobile App

The Aptify Mobile App combines the best parts of Aptify's first-class CRM, Meetings, and Sales modules into one streamlined mobile experience, giving you access to all your members from your iOS device FREE. To launch the app, our Client Success Manager, Ben Lee, and Product Manager, Ajay Singh, demonstrated the app's functionality and answered a few questions live to the User Community. Watch the on-demand recording now!  Read More

Three Signals You Need Admin Support

Help isn't always easy to ask for, and often not easy to recognise, even when desperately needed. As an association executive, you can get used to spreading yourself pretty thin and it can be challenging to admit or recognise that you need support. Read More

Community 2.0

Exactly 5 years ago, I received a call from Aptify CEO, Amith Nagarajan shortly after Thanksgiving. That call sparked a conversation that eventually led me to accept an offer to head marketing for the company and introduced me to the world of associations. You see prior to that discussion, I barely knew such organizations existed and what I found was fascinating. Read More

Message from Your User Community President

Last week I attended the Aptify User Conference and came away with lots of new ideas. I enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces and was glad to have met more Aptify users, partners and staff. It was a great event with a nice balance of networking, professional development, client’s success stories and lessons learned. I know some of you were not able to join us in person but I wanted to share with you some new stuff we announced at the conference. The Aptify User Community Board of Directors and Aptify Staff have been chatting and asking ourselves some tough questions about our current structure, how we’ve been operating and does this model work as we grow? The outcome was really exciting. Below is a recap of these conversations. Read More

When was the Last Time You Checked How Secure You Are?

For the first time, business transactions occur online more often than in person. Your association’s infrastructure is part of an ecosystem that needs constant care and attention. Failure to keep up will damage your member’s confidence that powers your mission. So, when was the last time you checked your security posture? Read More

Last Chance to Complete the Community by Design Survey

Your User Community needs you! Here at Aptify, we want to continue to build and nurture our user community but we can't do it without your help. Participate in our Community by Design survey and let us know how we can support you and your colleagues in creating a vibrant user community for all Aptify users. The survey closes this Monday, 31 October 2016, so get in quick to share your opinions.  Read More

What is Business Intelligence?

With all that we do everyday in improving our associations, should business intelligence be another buzz word to deal with? Short answer: yes. Long answer: hell yes! It's no secret that I love data (my Big Data eBook will attest to that) but don't confuse big data for business intelligence, as not all data is made equal! Read More

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