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Aptify User Community Blog

4 Secrets to Better Member Engagement at Your Association

Member engagement is a buzzword in the association space you hear about on a constant basis, and it's a word you see pretty frequently in our blog too. But unlike some buzzwords, it's one that will not be going anywhere because at the end of the day, your members are critical to your organization's survival. Yes, that might sound a little dramatic, but it's true.  Member engagement strategies vary at every organization, and what might work for one association may not necessarily be as effective at yours. There is no universal playbook that has the "right" and "wrong" way to actively engage with your membership because your members are unique and each person has their own defintion of engagement and how much (or how little) they want to be involved.  It's not always easy trying to engage with your members. They're equally as busy as you are, and if you're sending them irrevelant info, then you'll quickly find them losing interest in you, and thus, questioning why they even joined in the first place. It helps to have a strategy in place before your start flooding their inbox with newsletters and emails in order to get their attention.  Read More

How a Marketing Manifesto Can Reignite Your Association Marketing

Like it or not, our favorite brands can say quite a bit about our values and beliefs. It becomes something that you identify with, get excited about, and connects you more to the company. That’s where a marketing manifesto can play a big role in better connecting with your members (and prospective members). Think of it like a content vehicle for reaching them on a deeper level, and it can also serve as a useful resource within your organization. Read More

Use Facebook Live to Increase Member Engagement

Live-streaming is a fun way to feel as if you are part of the action, and it’s an excellent way to connect with companies, products, and people you like. Organizations and even just everyday people are finding creative, and often times entertaining ways to use it (remember Chewbacca mom)?! If you check your Facebook newsfeed now, then I’m sure at least half of your feed would be some type of video clip or Facebook Live. Read More

Why an Evergreen Company Matters to the Association Industry

You might have seen the word “Evergreen” featured on our website, and you’re probably wondering why you’re seeing this word used regularly. While the concept of “Evergreen” might seem abstract, it’s a term that resonates with the Aptify team, and it’s one that will continue to move our organization forward in the years to come.   Read More

3 Hacks for Stronger Member Engagement

The success and longevity of your association ultimately comes to down to your members. If they are actively engaged, then you can expect your association to thrive. However, if you're noticing the exact opposite taking place at your organization, then it's better to identify the issue(s) and find a solution before it gets any worse.  Read More

How To Use Volunteering to Boost Member Engagement

Volunteers are an integral part of your association, and they play a big role in how you track engagement among your members. And just as with your membership software, if it weren't for your volunteers, then it would be quite difficult for your association staff to accomplish all of the great things that they envision.  Read More

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