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Aptify User Community Blog

3 Tips to Becoming an Aptify Favorites Bar Super Star

Navigating around a large system like Aptify can be challenging, especially when you are new to the system or you leave between tasks. I talked a little bit about feeling like a lost child in my last blog about search, and this feeling returns whenever I sign in to the system not really knowing what I need to find and where to find it.   Luckily, like my search hacks, I have come up with a foolproof way to arrange all the records, views, and wizards I use to be easily accessible every time I log in. My friends, let me introduce you to the Aptify Favorites Bar. Read More

4 Quick Tips on Search Within Aptify

If you’re like me, quick and easy searching for data is crucial to getting work done. On most days, I feel like Hansel and Gretel, just praying that I’ve left enough breadcrumbs to get me back to a record I was looking at, or a report I've created. I know that Favorites and the Application Menu are there for me, but I’ve left them both an unorganized mess, so search is my saving grace. Considering I use the Smart Search functionality in Aptify so often, I thought I’d share my 4 favorite search features, just in case you need them when you’re lost in the woods trying to find your way home. Read More

The Aptify Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions

The new Aptify Mobile App has been a really exciting addition to the Aptify software family and I have been thrilled about the great response it has received from the user community. But, like anything new (and cool), it’s not without its questions. I’ve collecting all of the frequently asked questions that the Product Team are getting weekly. So, let’s jump into your most frequently asked questions about the latest app from Aptify. Read More

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to the Aptify Outlook Add-In

Take back the time in your calendar with the new Aptify Outlook Add-In. Combining both email and contact log functionality just makes sense, and our new Outlook Add-In gives you the power to push a sent email to become a Person or Company Contact Log in one click. You can also use our new Add-In to search and open records straight from Outlook, meaning no lost time between tasks. Read More

Your Guide to the New Aptify Product Launch

This week we have all joined together to celebrate and enjoy what’s new with Aptify. Here is the round up of our latest product launch and everything you need to know about Aptify 5.5.5. Read More

What's New With Aptify eBusiness?

Your website is the most popular way your members interact with your association. More than ever your members expect a high level of performance, technology, and speed, and the newest version of Aptify eBusiness delivers. Read More

4 Ways to Take Control of Your Aptify Views and Dashboards

One of the nice things about being a part of Aptify Training is you get to meet so many clients over the course of a year, or, in my case, eight years. And our clients are pretty awesome! We have such a variety of professionals working for different organizations; from Barbershop Harmony Quartets to CPAs to Experimental Aircraft—it is just really fun to be a part of that.  Of course, one of the things our clients resoundingly have in common is they bought Aptify, and I get to teach them about it, and in the case of those past their initial Go-Live, I get to do so on their system.  Our clients do amazing things with Aptify…but they also tend to have two common underutilized areas of the system; Views and Dashboards.   Check out our Training page to find out how your team can get the most of out of our software. Read More

Sneak Peek: 5 of Our Favorite Features in the New Aptify Release

Based on your stories, recommendations, and requests, our team has been hard at work taking the Aptify system to an even higher level. The full details won't be unveiled until the offical product launch this March, but we're so excited by what's coming that we couldn't help but give you a sneak peek a few weeks early. Before we get to some of our favorite new features, make sure to save you spot in the February 28 community webinar, where you'll be able to see the upgrade in action. Read More

Aptify 2016 in Review: David Letterman-style

Aptify 2016 in Review: David Letterman-style Every Thursday in our Global Huddle, I read off the Aptify team's 'Wins and Great Things' for the week. So, in December, we asked everyone to crowdsource wins for the entire year of 2016. Then I presented it to the team, David Letterman-top-ten-style.  Read More

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