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Blog Feature

By: Jennifer Barrell

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November 08, 2016

Your Online Community: The Best Member Engagement Party of the Year

Member Engagement

In the association space, there’s been a lot of buzz lately about online communities and how they can increase member engagement. And that makes a lot of sense. If executed correctly, they offer to your members:

  • A place to connect with likeminded people.
  • An opportunity to find answers to specific questions.
  • A hub for resources and information.

The operative expression: If executed correctly.

Planning Makes Perfect

member engagementTime and time again we hear of associations who invest in an online community platform, get it up and running, and then find that nothing happens. What’s going on? Why aren’t they seeing the increase in member engagement we keep hearing is possible?

In her article, Why Creating an Online Community is like Planning a Party, Arianna Rehak debunks the misconception that online engagement is simply about keeping the conversation going. Much like a party, there’s a lot more to consider:

“It had to be carefully planned out. A guest list was created and invitations sent out. Now what about decorations? Food? Music?" Rehak asks.

"And this was all before it even began! How did they make sure guests were entertained throughout the night? What did they do to build momentum with the first people who arrived to an empty home? And oh man, Billy and Joe both showed up and those two just don’t get along.”

A Series Awaits

Arianna is a community manager over at our sister company, Grit Marketing. With experience both growing communities from scratch and maintaining existing ones, she’s got a lot to say on the subject. This week she will begin a webinar series on Online Community Engagement, and you’re warmly invited to join.

In the first episode, she will cover the steps involved in launching your online community. If you can’t attend live, no worries. Register anyway and she’ll send you a recording after the fact!

How to Launch an Online Community
November 10, 12:30PM – 1:00PM EST

Sign Up for the Webinar 

About Jennifer Barrell

As the Director of Content, Branding & Buzz at Aptify, Jen oversees the strategy and execution of brand management and content production across the organization’s global offices. She thrives on bringing compelling content and useful information to associations to help them grow and engage their membership. She's also an avid fan of mid-century modern design and all things science fiction.

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